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Design for human rights and a more just world

Justice facilities play a vital role in bringing civility and safety to our communities. HOK’s evidence-based design strategies improve the operations, aesthetics, security and social functions of these buildings by focusing on the well-being of the occupant. In courthouses, this translates to spaces designed to comfort and accommodate the public while addressing the operational needs of judicial staff. In detention and correctional centers, our designs facilitate the humane treatment and rehabilitation of inmates while ensuring the safety and satisfaction of each staff member. For law enforcement facilities and crime labs, we create secure, high-tech facilities designed to handle today’s policing needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Federal and Local Government Markets A/E firm as ranked by BD+C
Number of HOK justice projects honored for design excellence by the AIA Academy of Justice
Number of courtrooms designed by HOK’s justice planners and architects
Number of detention and correction beds in HOK-designed buildings
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