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HOK’s Approach to ESG Consulting: Driving Sustainable Futures

As stakeholder demands and market forces drive enterprises to strengthen sustainability, HOK provides integrated services to improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes.

Our multidisciplinary consulting services help organizations establish a foundation for sustainable, resilient operations. They include:


  • Reduce energy costs in new and existing buildings through district energy systems and microgrids, high-performance building design, lighting, HVAC optimization, building automation systems, grid interoperability, energy storage and other technologies.
  • Conserve water with water reclamation, low-flow fixtures, native landscaping, smart irrigation systems and alternative water sources.
  • Chart clear decarbonization pathways to carbon neutrality using operational efficiencies, electrification, embodied carbon reduction, refrigerants and renewable energy. Set and track carbon reduction goals for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for a building, campus or portfolio and develop a roadmap for implementation with clear milestones and goals. Provide tools for accountability in the organization and transparent communication with stakeholders.
  • Identify climate change vulnerabilities and risks through assessments.
  • Make assets and infrastructure resilient with climate-adaptive design and roadmaps to mitigate risks across a campus or building’s lifespan.
  • Select sustainable materials to reduce the depletion of habitat and biodiversity, reduce embodied carbon emissions, use responsibly sourced products and avoid harmful ecosystem impacts.

Social Responsibility

  • Design for health and wellness to support occupant and community health through active design, access to nature, healthy materials and amenity spaces.
  • Design for equity. HOK’s Designing for Equity internal platform provides guidelines, design principles and best practices to help our designers incorporate equitable and inclusive design approaches into projects.
  • Partner with community-based organizations on strategies like charrettes, co-creation sessions, crowdsourcing and participatory design.


Our governance services enable robust ESG reporting and compliance. We help organizations align with shifting regulatory mandates while maintaining ethical practices. Our services include:

  • Green building certifications such as LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge to validate sustainability performance as part of an owner’s transparency and accountability.

Let’s Connect

We tailor our ESG Consulting services across various industries and markets, each with its own sustainability challenges and opportunities.

Contact us to explore how HOK can align ESG solutions with your sustainability objectives and industry standards. Reach out to Sustainable Design Leader Meng Gong at to get started.


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