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Kansas City Business Journal Recognizes HOK’s Erin Nybo as Emerging Leader

Erin Nybo, healthcare practice leader for HOK’s Kansas City studio, was honored by the Kansas City Business Journal as a “next gen” leader.

Excerpted from the Kansas City Business Journal:

Responsibilities: Nybo, 35, leads the healthcare practice at HOK in Kansas City. Although the Kansas City office had done healthcare projects in the past, it didn’t have a dedicated team until about a year and a half ago. She works with HOK leaders worldwide and a local team of eight to build up the practice. Nybo designs, mentors team members and works in business development. “I can’t do healthcare, but I can help those that do,” Nybo said. “And when you help those that do, they give a better atmosphere and environment for those that need it.”

Five-year goal: “My biggest goal of all of this is to create something where people want to come to work every day because it’s a healthy environment, and while we’re doing it, we’re doing great designs and giving clients opportunities they didn’t think were possible.”

Distinguishing characteristic: She doesn’t quit. “I don’t have the mind to think we can’t do something.”

Little-known fact: Nybo started college as a music major. She can play the mellophone—similar to a trumpet—among other instruments.

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