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DFW Airport’s Future: High-Tech, Efficient and Passenger-Focused

HOK is part of the design team for the Central Terminal Area Expansion Program at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The project includes the addition of two new concourse piers at Terminals A and C as well as a full modernization of Terminal C. Nine new gates will be added to the terminals. 

The updates will streamline the traveler experience at DFW, refreshing Terminal A in support of the new concourse pier and modernizing Terminal C. The project includes renovating and expanding the ticketing hall, security checkpoint, baggage claim hall and related support facilities.

The terminal renovations will feature spacious halls to improve passenger flow and support wayfinding. Floor-to-ceiling windows will offer abundant natural light, featuring high-tech glass that adapts its tint to sunlight intensity and solar heat gain. New, prominently displayed gate signage will help passengers identify their gate locations from a distance.

The Central Terminal Area Expansion Program is employing modular construction to accelerate the construction timeline. This ‘plug-and-play’ construction method increases flexibility when adding the two new concourse piers while minimizing disruptions to operations. The project team is building these large-scale modules off-site before transporting and installing them.

Innovative technology incorporated into the project will enhance the airport’s operational efficiencies. Terminals A and C will utilize one of the most comprehensive building management systems in the aviation industry to optimize operations and reduce energy use. Nova Lift Systems at all gates will improve accessibility, enabling passengers with motorized wheelchairs to use them up to the gate rather than leaving them at check-in.

“The Central Terminal Area Expansion Program is leveraging the latest technology to design and deliver modern airport terminals that will transform the travel experience at DFW,” said David Mason, NCARB, HOK’s principal-in-charge. “We’re committed to providing a superior, faster and cost-effective design solution for the airport.”

The Central Terminal Area Expansion Program is scheduled for completion prior to 2030. The project team is a joint venture between HOK, Austin Commercial, Azteca Enterprises, Alpha & Omega and Muller & Muller, Ltd.

Jan. 13, 2024, marked the 50th anniversary of the first flight at the HOK-designed DFW Airport, which opened in 1974 as the country’s newest, first regional and most modern commercial airport.

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