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Hagerty Workplace + Experience Center

Dublin, Ohio

Hagerty’s rich connection to classic cars is on full display in this 5,000-sq.-ft. customer-facing space and 36,600-sq.-ft. office.

HOK’s design brings to life the sensory experience of driving through movement in form, classic detailing, sophisticated grit, and timeless texture and materials. The blend of high-end design elements with industrial materials reflects Hagerty’s brand.

The design team embedded the automotive lifestyle brand and specialty insurance provider’s robust catalog of content, history and artifacts throughout the space. This drives customer engagement in the first-floor experience center and enhances recruitment and retention in the second- and third-floor offices.

People passing Hagerty’s storefront can see into the lobby, which features a striking drum car display. The display includes digital screens that tell the history of each car and an illuminated dimensional logo. Hagerty rotates the classic cars on display here every month. A driving simulator contributes to the immersive experience.

The second and third floors include daylit open office space, pods for private work, huddle rooms, training rooms and a work café with a variety of seating. The branded “Pit Row” space where employees can go for IT assistance has lounge seating and an angular felt fin ceiling.

Immersive environmental graphics and digital media displays help employees feel connected to Hagerty’s goal of preserving driving and car culture for future generations.

41,000 sq. ft. / 3,810 sq. m.
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