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CarMax Midtown Office

Richmond, Virginia

CarMax Midtown is a collaborative workplace designed to spur innovation while supporting the auto retailer’s brand and connection to its hometown of Richmond. Located in a former shoe factory, the office features abundant natural light, flexible work environments and lively wall graphics celebrating local landmarks and culture.

HOK’s design highlights the building’s industrial past while finding new opportunities to support today’s hybrid work activities. Circulation paths through the office mimic those in Richmond’s historic Monroe Park and lead employees to different work environments, including individual workstations, communal lounges and highly stylized conference rooms.

Sawtooth clerestories, typical of old factories, find new life as glass-enclosed, floor-to-ceiling collaboration spaces. A high bay clerestory running the length of the old factory floor allowed the design team to create a new mezzanine connecting the main building to the annex. Integrated stairs between the two spaces double as stadium seating for all-hands meetings and other large events.

Material selection reinforces the space’s connection to local history and corporate brand with honed concrete floors, rough-hewn wood beams, black metal accents, exposed brick and furniture upholstered in CarMax yellow and blue.

123,420 sq. ft. / 11,465 sq. m.
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