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Government of Canada Confidential Department Drawing and Data Standardization

Canadian locations

HOK partnered with Planit Measuring to provide 3D LiDAR scanning and AutoCAD drawings for the national facilities of a major department of the Canadian federal government.

By providing 3D scans of each building in Canada (both inside and out), the team is helping this department gain a better understanding of the number, quality and utilization of the 20,000 buildings in its real estate portfolio.

HOK uses AutoCAD files exported from digital models to create floor plans linked to the department’s Archibus Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

The team uses this five-step process to satisfy the drawing and data standardization requirements:

  1. Scan the facility by walking through the building with mobile equipment.
  2. Convert the scans into 3D images.
  3. Convert each 3D image into a General Floor Plan (GFP)—an AutoCAD file that show all interior hard walls and furniture.
  4. Apply area measurements by adding polylines and creating an Area Measurement Plan (AMP).
  5. Provide more detail for the interior components and create a Space Management Plan (SMP).
20,000 buildings; 5.2 million acres / 2.1 million hectares
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