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Fosun Lintong Resort Master Plan

Lijiang, China

HOK’s concept for a design competition merges healthcare and education with hospitality to create a multifaceted resort community on a stunning site in China’s Yunnan province.

Located in a picturesque mountain setting, the concept calls for international schools and healthcare facilities to support residents and guests living and staying within the property’s hotels and villas.The site’s rich topography and water features provided multiple layers of inspiration.

HOK’s design emphasizes figurative and literal east-west connections. Visitors arrive to this contemporary mountain retreat via scenic roadways from nearby Xi’an, an ancient capital of China and now a bustling city of more than six million.

The site’s steep terrain rises step by step along three gradient plates spanning nearly 800 feet. Viewing platforms and a cable car celebrate the stunning panoramas. Undeveloped parcels provide areas for camping, outdoor activities and connections to nature.

The heavily landscaped Flower Street serves as the main pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfare linking the staggered, honeycombed collection of retail and lodging to schools that form the core of the public area.

The team carefully planned the hotel and its various amenities—including retail and wellness spaces—to respect the local ecology and fit naturally within the site while creating a memorable experience for guests.

420 acres / 170 hectares
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