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Suzhou Wujiang East Taihu Lake Golden Bay Tourism Complex

Suzhou, China

The plan for this ecotourism destination outside of greater Shanghai takes advantage of stunning natural surroundings to offer activities and entertainment for domestic and international travelers.

The site’s location on Taihu Lake, the largest freshwater body in eastern China, influenced all aspects of planning, design and orientation. Like a delicately woven fabric, landscaping and architectural forms trace the lake’s waterfront. Building forms take organic shapes to reflect the ebb and flow of the natural environment.

The more developed northern shoreline includes a marina, yacht club hotel and tourist center. To the south, a family hotel, a corporate club and nature areas offer places for quiet reflection and group activities. East of the lake, rolling hills provide the setting for a dry ski slope and water sports park.

By leveraging the tidal changes and ecotones of Taihu Lake, the design helps restore wetland areas, protect bird and fish habitats, and improve the lake’s water quality. Proposed biological and natural systems will be supplemented by mechanical filtering systems.

The project is the first phase of a larger tourism-oriented plan along the shores of Taihu Lake.

2.7 million sq. ft. / 252,000 sq. m.
222 acres / 90 hectares
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