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Experience Honeywell’s Global HQ

Honeywell Global Headquarters | Charlotte, North Carolina
202,000 sq. ft. / 18,765 sq. m.
Project Facts

Honeywell’s new global headquarters accelerates the company’s transformation from an industrial manufacturer to a leading technology company.

When the Fortune 500 company relocated its headquarters from the suburbs of New Jersey to Uptown Charlotte, it invested in a futuristic, amenity-filled workplace that would drive innovation and attract top talent. The 10 stories of office space can accommodate up to 1,200 Honeywell employees.

HOK’s design transforms the arrival experience, moving Honeywell’s main lobby from the originally planned 14th floor to the 23rd floor. The team collaborated with the base building architect to implement this change.

The 23rd-floor Sky Lobby (below) offers panoramic views of downtown Charlotte and Bank of America Stadium.

The team completed the space program before the pandemic. It included plenty of flexibility to accommodate the variety of choices and amenities people expect in today’s workplace.

Customer Experience Center Elevates Engagement

The Customer Experience Center (CXC), also on the 23rd floor, showcases Honeywell’s products and technologies in an interactive, hands-on space. Here, visual communication and experiential technologies fuse to create a fully immersive brand experience.

HOK’s Experience Design team led a journey mapping exercise that identified the CXC’s primary visitors and anticipated their movement throughout the space. Through this mapping, the design team identified branding, graphics, wayfinding and immersive experiences to incorporate along each user’s path of travel.

An integral part of this interactive journey is the Immersion Room (below), which provides a customizable audiovisual experience with imagery on all four walls.

The 23rd floor also is home to the Accelerator Café and the Learning Center, creating a central hub of activity that immerses visitors in the ethos of Honeywell.

A feature stair wrapped in white oak and curved glass (below) connects the active 23rd floor to the two office floors beneath.

Neighborhood-Based Workspace

Work cafes on each floor encourage employees to take time away from their desk for meals while functioning as an alternative workspace. Cafés open to outdoor seating.

Office floors have open plans with dedicated team zones and unassigned seating. This creates neighborhoods for teams to operate from while giving individuals autonomy and flexibility to determine how and where to work.

Smart and Sustainable

Both the interior and building are LEED Gold-certified.

Smart building technologies meld with sustainable features to foster a healthy work environment. Honeywell supplies all the building technology, transforming each floor into a living lab for its products. Over 300 sensors per floor gauge daylight, occupancy levels, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulates and carbon dioxide. Honeywell’s team can fine-tune indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency in real time.

Biophilic design elements communicate Honeywell’s commitment to the health and well-being of staff and the community. Staff have access to outdoor space on several floors along with a wellness center and a built-in fitness center.
Natural materials, real plants and a green wall connect people to nature.
Fractal patterned walls, decorative objects derived from natural materials and art depicting nature punctuate the space.

Workspaces are flooded with natural light and provide employees with stunning city views.

Design for Neurodiversity

A variety of work environments support the wide-ranging sensory needs of neurodiverse employees.

On office floors, covered booths with dynamic lighting and greenery shield users from the sides and above, providing places where people can find refuge from the noisier open seating arrangements.

Amenities Floor

Honeywell dedicated the entire 14th floor to amenities that enhance the professional and personal lives of its employees.

Amenities on this floor include a large fitness center and a wellness center with on-site healthcare providers.

This amenities floor also includes a town hall space that holds up to 220 people, a high-tech broadcast studio and a branded IT Solution Center for tech support.

Immersive Brand Experience

The team leveraged Honeywell’s established brand identity and graphic standards to inform creative and thoughtful design elements throughout the space.

Illustrations, graphic patterns and visual imagery were carefully curated to bring Honeywell’s brand to life. Custom illustrations and graphics celebrate the diverse sectors and industries in which Honeywell operates.

Environmental graphics provide subtle wayfinding cues that complement the digital navigation system, helping people easily find their way. Distinct imagery corresponds to the different business groups on each floor, further reinforcing a sense of place.

The result is a refined, cohesive experience that reflects Honeywell’s brand vision.

Local Art Program

Nearly all the original artwork in the headquarters comes from local artists living within 100 miles of the building.

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