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Accenture Innovation Hub

New York, New York

Accenture’s New York Innovation Hub is on the top nine floors of the new 67-story One Manhattan West tower in the Hudson Yards neighborhood. Here, designers, developers and technology experts collaborate with clients to bring new ideas into reality. It’s one of the most flexible, diverse workplace environments in North America.

Though the space can accommodate up to 5,000 people, there are only 1,200 work seats and 2,500 total seats. Instead of having assigned desks, employees can choose private or communal settings that best fit their needs.

The sizes and arrangements of the open-plan neighborhoods vary, with each having its own identity. In the open areas, the spaces are calm, cozy and well-lit. Amenity areas are active and encourage interaction. A variety of team and meeting spaces foster the face-to-face collaboration that sparks innovation.

A client briefing room that doubles as a yoga studio, a fully equipped broadcast studio and a VR lab are just a few examples of the Innovation Hub’s unique spaces. There are also “rumble room” scrum areas for teams, tech-enabled industry “hives” showcasing current Accenture initiatives in areas like 5G research, smart homes and the cloud, as well as pop-up demo areas.

Every floor has an arrival area that exudes hospitality. Raised pavilions enhance people’s experiences in these areas and separate communal spaces from workspaces. Coffee spots near the elevator draw people together in relaxed environments.

The workplace, which is LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certified, supports Accenture’s commitment to sustainability and industry-leading goals for achieving net-zero emissions and zero waste by 2025. The use of extensive daylight, circadian lighting, active furnishings, restorative spaces, nontoxic materials and biophilic elements like indoor greenery prioritize health and well-being. Real-time displays allow employees and visitors to view data on air quality and energy use.

To promote mindfulness and healthy behaviors, the Innovation Hub features comfortable furniture, exercise areas, wellness centers, welcoming coffee spots and private spaces for meditation or prayer. Eight interconnecting stairways linking the nine floors encourage movement and chance encounters.

Along with reflecting Accenture’s brand and spirit of innovation, the space celebrates its prominent New York City location. Most resident knowledge workers are located on floors 59-61 (the people space). Design elements here reflect the ferry, borough and university. The innovation and technology core, which consists of floors 62-65, is inspired by New York’s alleys, maker spaces, Times Square and Chelsea Market. To depict big ideas and epic futures, the top two floors (66-67) incorporate elements from Central Park and the High Line. “Super corners” near the elevator lobbies on each floor offer breathtaking city views.

The universal materials palette, which consists of polished concrete, black metal, light blonde wood and brick, reflects New York City’s historic grit set within contemporary interiors. Neon light fixtures are modeled after the New York City subway map.

The design considers people’s auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and proprioceptive senses. Careful use of size and proportion, shape and form, movement, contrast, texture and color help make the Innovation Hub inclusive for all.

Accenture’s brand is represented by colors, materials, textures, predominantly digital signage and integrated artwork. The extensive art program includes pieces made to order and works by local and national artists.

Mobile Surface Hubs, electronic room schedulers, embedded charging pads, digital wayfinding and the most recent in occupancy tracking and proximity reader access control are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies incorporated throughout the space.

LEED Gold, WELL Platinum
300,000 sq. ft. / 27,870 sq. m.
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