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Trends Affecting Neurodiversity Toward 2030

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Trends Affecting Neurodiversity Toward 2030

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As part of HOK’s ongoing exploration of this topic and its implications for the workplace, we have compiled this summary of trends around neurodiversity.

Over the next decade, four broad trends related to neurodiversity will reshape the work environment. This report summarizes the potential workplace implications of technological advancements, demographic developments and environmental changes, an increased focus on health and well-being, and the fast pace of change and organizational business models.

Note: Neurodiversity is a term used to describe a broad range of conditions, some of which likely will be unresponsive to design solutions. HOK’s approach to inclusive design is based on our experience as designers and architects with the objective of providing a wide range of options for users with different needs. Any attempt to address the needs of neurodiverse individuals should also include review of human resources policies, implementation of technology solutions and building operations among other considerations. HOK does not represent that any design solution discussed in this publication is capable of achieving any specific outcome for an individual user.

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