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TD Ameritrade Headquarters

Omaha, Nebraska

This 12-story headquarters consolidates TD Ameritrade’s people into one of Nebraska’s largest LEED Platinum buildings.

The new headquarters improves collaboration among the company’s corporate, technology and operations teams. The 75,000-sq.-ft., open-plan workplace accommodates the rapidly changing needs of TD Ameritrade’s business units. A “pedestrian highway” makes it easy for employees to move around the facility.

The glass facade draws natural light deep into the building’s core, while frit lamination and automated sun shades reduce glare and solar heat gain. Approximately 5,000 lighting control sensors harvest daylight. Wind turbines power lights in the parking structure.

Other sustainable design features include an innovative rain-screen facade, gray water and enclosure systems, a green roof, solar thermal panel installations, wind turbines, ecofriendly flooring material, and use of recycled and rapidly renewable building materials.

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