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NEF Ataköy 22 Mixed-Use Development

Istanbul, Turkey

The plan for NEF Real Estate’s high-rise community in the Ataköy neighborhood of Istanbul includes five 18-story residential towers housing a total of 1,500 units and an 18-story office tower.

Covering six city blocks, the mixed-use project has a shared podium that connects the high-rises with a street-level retail mall. Transit stations are located at each end of the development.

Limestone, glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels and ribbon windows on the residential towers create a modular, undulating facade that accentuates the organic flow of the development and provides sun shading. The podium-level garden apartments, by contrast, are housed in a faceted, zigzag massing that unifies individual tower blocks.

Arranging the towers around a central square brings much-welcomed natural ventilation and daylight to the podium levels. Made up of gardens, pavilions and walkways, this multilevel, linear courtyard promotes activity throughout the development.

Private residential terraces, plazas and roofscapes add more garden spaces. Amenities like movie theaters and basketball courts bring residents together.

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