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HOK’s Los Angeles Studio

Los Angeles, California

After two decades in Culver City, HOK’s Los Angeles studio has found a new home in ROW DTLA, in the city’s Arts District. This move into downtown’s creative heart has infused our work with renewed energy and inspiration.

ROW DTLA has a rich history. It has evolved from a key Southern Pacific Railroad distribution center to a dynamic mixed-use district, mirroring HOK’s transformative design ethos.

Central to HOK’s philosophy is the design of inclusive, neurodiverse work environments where everyone can thrive. In our new office, we’ve designed floating workspaces—flexible, unassigned areas catering to a diverse spectrum of sensory needs. These spaces range from serene environments to sensory-rich zones, all supporting hybrid work.

Our design for the office has earned a LEED Platinum rating, integrating various eco-friendly strategies. In addition to adaptively reusing the building to preserve its historic character, these include energy-efficient HVAC systems, effective daylighting, reduced lighting power density and daylight/occupancy sensors. These features have cut energy consumption by 56% compared to ASHRAE baseline data. Water conservation measures like efficient low-flow fixtures have reduced water use by 39%. In addition, sustainable construction methods, including the use of recycling and low-VOC materials, contribute to better indoor air quality.

The design has also secured a Fitwel 1 Star Rating. Amenities promoting health and wellness include a wellness room, a multipurpose area and a refreshment station stocked with local beverages.

Biophilic design elements—like abundant natural light, plants, organic materials, nature-inspired colors and sweeping outdoor views—further enhance well-being. Assistive technologies, sit-stand desks and adjustable lighting boost productivity and comfort.

Additional office amenities include a virtual reality center and a model shop. A rotating art collection highlights local talent. Serving as the focal point of the main gathering area is a large-scale mural by Los Angeles artist Adee Roberson, while select artworks by HOK employees adorn the walls of individual workstations.

LEED Platinum and Fitwel 1-Star
20,000 sq. ft. / 6,100 sq. m.
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