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Behavioral Health Practice Leader
“The road to well-being and recovery requires providing people with environments that are nurturing, safe and respectful. These are values I bring to each project.”

Shiva is a principal and practice leader based in HOK’s San Francisco studio. She provides medical planning and programming for healthcare and behavioral health projects in community and correctional settings. Over her 30-year career, Shiva has demonstrated an ability to strategically balance user experience, operational efficiency, financial feasibility and design excellence to create award-winning care facilities within the private and public sectors.

Shiva is passionate about designing behavioral health environments that are dignified, humane, and patient-centric while also meeting the safety and security needs of staff, patients and the community. As a Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional, she leverages best practices from the community setting to provide normalized care environments for patients, clinicians and allied providers. Her empathy for all users makes her a trusted advisor to caregivers and security staff and an advocate for improved patient experience and outcomes.

Shiva is committed to applying relevant research and benchmark data to guide programming and planning solutions. As a recognized expert in healthcare and behavioral health design, she has presented at Healthcare Design Conference and NCCHC Mental Health conference.

A strong voice for addressing justice, equity and inclusion in the design profession, Shiva serves as co-chair of HOK’s firmwide Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) and founded the mentoring program in HOK’s San Francisco studio. She also is a member of HOK’s global board of directors.

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