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Riccardo Mascia to Serve as HOK’s First Chief Strategy Officer

The managing principal of HOK’s Chicago studio and a member of the firm’s executive committee, Mascia will oversee strategic initiatives to grow HOK and improve design outcomes.

Riccardo Mascia is taking on a new role as HOK’s first chief strategy officer. As CSO, Riccardo will oversee creating, implementing, and sustaining strategic initiatives to grow the firm. The aim is to provide a new framework to align and balance HOK’s operational approach with its strategy and will serve to direct investment, streamline decision-making and track progress toward HOK goals.

Key strategic objectives HOK will pursue under Riccardo’s leadership include: 1) growing the firm’s reach and revenue to ensure greater opportunities and resources and, 2) improving design outcomes to win new work and compete at the highest level.

“Riccardo’s deep understanding of HOK and our industry make him uniquely qualified for this new role,” said co-CEO Eli Hoisington. “Speaking on behalf of the executive committee, we are excited to work with Riccardo on strategies that will ensure HOK’s continued success.”

Riccardo has held multiple leadership roles since joining HOK in 1995. He has managed numerous studios, including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Mexico City. He became a member of HOK’s board of directors in 2001 and joined HOK’s executive committee in 2011. In addition to his new role, Riccardo will continue to serve as managing principal of the Chicago studio and provide leadership to key projects and clients.

“HOK has always forged its own path.” said Riccardo. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to leverage our successes and unique strengths to position this great firm for the future.”

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