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Luke Bridle Discusses High-Speed Rail and Development in the U.S. on Scripps News

In a story offering opposing viewpoints on the need for high-speed rail in the U.S., Scripps News asked HOK Director of Transportation Luke Bridle to discuss how new stations could impact cities and the environment.

“Transportation stations play an integral role in issues of sustainability, equity and development,” said Bridle. “When designed well, a high-speed rail station can become essential to shaping the very fabric of the city.

“It has the potential to impact the surrounding neighborhoods and inform the architectural framework of the city. Things like thoughtful development, amenities and public space can make [rail stations] destinations and shape their context.”

From an environmental aspect, Bridle noted that modern rail stations could push the envelope for sustainability as platforms for regenerative design.

“By the time high-speed rail is realized in the United States, the stations themselves could be designed not only to minimize the impact on the environment, but to give back through regenerative design principles. They could reduce energy, produce energy, clean the water and reduce waste.”

View Bridle’s full segment on Scripps News:

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