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New Issue of HOK Forward Focuses on Sustainable Interiors

HOK’s Interiors group released the latest issue of HOK Forward: “Sustainability for All,” which features a series of videos highlighting design tools and strategies for addressing health, climate change and equity in interior spaces.

Sustainability has always been a part of HOK’s ethos. The firm’s Interiors practice recently set measurable new sustainable design goals for its projects and rolled out new tools and processes for achieving them. HOK Forward: Sustainability for All describes these initiatives.

“Our collective experience over the past few years has highlighted the impact of interior spaces on health and well-being,” said Tom Polucci, HOK’s director of Interiors. “This issue of HOK Forward describes how designers, manufacturers and builders can work together to make these spaces healthier, more environmentally sustainable and more equitable.”

HOK designers explore sustainable interiors in a series of videos over five chapters:

  • Call to Action: The average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors. This is a call to action for designers, clients, vendors, construction partners and more to focus on healthy, sustainable interiors.
  • New Processes + Tools: Find out how HOK’s Interiors group is aligning its people, processes and tools to design healthier interior spaces, as well as the practice’s sustainability targets for all its projects in 2022.
  • Health + Well-Being = Equity: Kay Sargent (Washington, D.C.), Christine Vandover (New York), Mike Goetz (Los Angeles) and Enrico Caruso (Ottawa) share strategies for designing interior spaces that support health, well-being and equity.
  • Industry Collaboration: Shaw Industries’ Tim Conway discusses Shaw Contract’s holistic approach to sustainability and the importance of partnerships with like-minded firms.
  • Norfolk Southern’s Healthy HQ: This new LEED Gold workplace in Atlanta helps the company’s people do their jobs while supporting healthy living and the community. Take a video tour with HOK’s Vivien Chen (Atlanta).

To learn more about Sustainability for All, please visit

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