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HOK Leverages Unreal Engine Tools for Architectural Visualization

Software developer Epic Games (creator of the wildly popular Fortnite video game) visited HOK’s New York office to film a video about how designers use its Unreal Engine, a tool for designing and building games, simulations and visualizations.

During the visit HOK’s Greg Schleusner (director of design technology-innovation), Christopher Zoog (design technology specialist) and Mateusz Gawad (visualization specialist) walked Epic Games through a few project designs using Unreal Engine.

For HOK, a global leader in architecture with a reputation for breathtaking design, the pursuit of outstanding visual media never ends. Unreal Engine, with its opportunities for interactive design and superior visuals, has become a key part of HOK’s pipeline.

“We want to get a feel for the space. We want to understand how it moves, how people can work with it,” said Zoog. “Unreal has given us a tool to be able to do that quickly, easily, and much more dynamically than we have ever done before.”

Communicating design to clients is one of HOK’s top priorities. “They don’t have to be literate in spreadsheets and technical drawings,” noted Gawad. “but they most definitely will understand a beautiful image and how the space will feel in the future.”


Unreal Engine

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