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Nasdaq Office

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

HOK’s design for this new office and trading floor reflects Nasdaq’s role as a fintech leader and improves its ability to recruit talented people from Philadelphia’s vibrant university and tech communities.

Spanning three floors of the FMC Tower, the office houses Nasdaq’s technology operations, traders and brokers. The spaces embrace the rich history of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), which Nasdaq acquired in 2008.

This new office supports Nasdaq’s commitment to the health and well-being of its people. The project has achieved WELL-v1 Gold certification and was Philadelphia’s first WELL-certified interiors project.

Juxtaposing sleek architectural elements with industrial finishes, the hospitality-infused design is unique for the fintech industry. The modern, industrial aesthetic serves as a counterpoint to Nasdaq’s tech-driven business. Biophilic design linking occupants to the natural world manifests itself in several ways throughout the space, including the use of wood as the primary material for ceilings and floors.

The open-plan spaces fuel creativity and interaction. A variety of seating types and configurations support a range of work styles, with flexibility for different uses. Meeting rooms promote teamwork. Enclosed booths accommodate private conversations and offer spaces where people can withdraw and find refuge. As a prominent active design element, an internal stairway connecting all three floors encourages movement and spontaneous encounters.

The open floor plan and large windows draw in ample amounts of natural light. Ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors control general illumination. Artificial lighting in daylight zones is automatically dimmed or turned off in response to available daylight. A combination of natural and task lighting creates varying intensities of light and shadows that, as in nature, change throughout the day. This adds to people’s visual comfort while modulating their circadian rhythms.

The Merchants’ Coffee House, a central café and lounge, pays tribute to the PHLX’s 18th-century origins. This space acts like a community hub that promotes meaningful interaction among Nasdaq’s people.

The trading floor is organized radially around its stations. Colorful, elliptical millwork visually connects the traders. A white baffle system establishes the ceiling plane.

The design of Nasdaq’s network operations center and customer data center transforms these traditionally back-of-house spaces into technology showcases.

LEED-CI Platinum; WELL Gold
75,000 sq. ft. / 6,970 sq. m.
GBCA – Construction Excellence Award
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