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Medcan Clinic

Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Medcan is a private medical organization that promotes healthy lifestyles, good nutrition and fitness to its clients. Its experts provide physical assessments and targeted employee health solutions to help people lead healthier, happier lives.

HOK’s design of the interiors for Medcan’s new clinic in the greater Toronto area reflects its focus on providing holistic health and wellness services through a lens of hospitality. The modern design features calming colors, custom details and refined elements that create a sense of balance and comfort. The use of light white oak wood walls, polished concrete floors, caramel-colored leather lounge chairs and marble surfaces reinforces the sophisticated feel.

The clinic includes patient rooms for physical and mental health treatments, a fitness center, a gender-neutral locker room, offices, meeting rooms and separate lounges for staff and clients. A concierge at the front desk directs clients through the space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline add natural light throughout the clinic. The space includes works by Canadian and First Nations artists from Medcan’s sizable art collection.

HOK’s space plan unites Medcan’s services by specialty, creating a seamless journey for clients. The standardized physician rooms all have a shared nursing station outside the rooms for quick pre- and post-exam updates. Flex patient rooms enable Medcan to provide a variety of services, including blood drawing, audiovisual testing and cosmetic sessions.

To accommodate future growth, the plan placed the clinic’s specialty infrastructure away from demising walls.

12,000 sq. ft. / 1,115 sq. m.
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