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Hampton Roads Convention Center

Hampton, Virginia

The design of this conference and events space draws inspiration from the community’s nautical roots, which date back to the early 1600s.

A white tensile structure resembling a sails spans the building’s south-facing entrance. The fabric sheathing provides shading that minimizes solar heat gain in the summer while still allowing daylighting and views. At night it acts as a glowing beacon welcoming visitors.

HOK’s design blends indoors and out, with the canopy covering the ballroom terrace and providing partial enclosure for outdoor events. A series of water walls, fountains, jets and pools link indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting buildings and activities while mediating between the built and natural environment.

Minimizing circulation space and focusing more expensive detailing and materials in the front of the building and in public spaces helped keep the project within the budget.

344,000 sq. ft. / 32,000 sq. m.
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