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Grand Flats Apartments

St. Louis, Missouri

Grand Flats transforms an abandoned site in St. Louis’ South Grand district into a vibrant residential destination that brings market-rate multifamily housing to one of the city’s most diverse and concentrated neighborhoods.

The project extends the South Grand Community Improvement District with safe, pedestrian pathways, strategic landscaping and a building entry that activates and engages the street.

The five-story, 124-unit “L”-shaped building maximizes efficiencies. Constructed using a traditional wood-framed structure, Grand Flats features an exterior material palette of brick and plank siding authentic to the neighborhood.

While modest in scale, the building’s abstract approach to design weaves form and materials together to be more than the sum of their parts. Balconies are artfully arranged while contrasting materials define and carve out the building’s contours. The north and south sides of Grand Flats feature a dark brick with light gray balconies, with the east and west sides visually inversed.

The building is designed to complement the existing scale of buildings on Grand Avenue and enhance the pedestrian experience with a redesigned sidewalk and transparent amenity spaces including a pool, garden and patio. Inside, common gathering spaces feature wood details, industrial elements and approachable furnishings and fixtures.

116,625 sq. ft. / 10,835 sq. m.
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