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Concord Naval Weapons Station Land Plan

Concord, California

This plan outlines the transformation of a former U.S. military base in the San Francisco Bay Area into a vibrant, world-class community.

HOK developed a comprehensive vision and land planning strategy, building upon the 2012 Area Plan adopted by the City of Concord. The plan envisions the Concord Weapons Station as a sustainable community, offering diverse housing options, ample job opportunities and abundant open spaces. Developed through a year-long public engagement process, the plan also integrates environmental protection and climate change mitigation measures.

At the heart of the development plan is the Concord Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station. This transit-oriented development (TOD) approach aims to promote public transportation, reduce traffic congestion and foster a walkable, sustainable community.

Segmented into five development phases, the project promises significant enhancements to Concord. These include adding 15,600 dwelling units, 16,900 job opportunities and 460 acres of parks, greenways and other open space amenities.

To ensure the project aligns with the community’s long-term aspirations and goals, HOK has developed clear and defensible community metrics. These metrics measure indicators of a healthy economy, net positive ecological benefits and new opportunities for residents to live, work and play.

The revised land uses and market-responsive densities create a dynamic Campus District. The team designed residential areas as walkable, mixed-use Village Centers. A network of protected open spaces, trails, rejuvenated creek habitats, neighborhood parks, recreational areas and streetscapes emphasize active, multi-modal and multi-generational living.

HOK has also reimagined the Innovation District to be future-ready, offering flexibility and enhanced opportunities in line with local market conditions. This design supports research and development activities, caters to retail and amenity requirements, and facilitates industry clustering. The updated plan charts a practical course toward an economically sound, sustainable community.

The plan outlines a strategy for Concord to address regional housing needs, promote robust economic growth and tackle climate change by rallying around common objectives and regional priorities. This shared vision has earned unanimous endorsement from City staff.

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