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HOK Designs Interiors for Mutual of Omaha’s New Headquarters

Construction is underway on Mutual of Omaha’s new 44-story headquarters in downtown Omaha. HOK is leading the interior design, which will create a space accommodating a range of work styles, including in-person, remote and hybrid formats.

At approximately 800,000 square feet, the headquarters marks a significant milestone for Mutual of Omaha as the company expands its national reach and adapts to the evolving nature of work. HOK’s design creates a dynamic, flexible environment that promotes productivity, creativity and well-being while anticipating the changing needs of the workforce.

To understand what a hybrid workforce meant for Mutual of Omaha, HOK conducted employee surveys, focus groups and leader interviews. “This helped us understand the employee base, what work was expected and where that work should happen,” said Betsy Graham, ASID, IIDA, director of Interiors for HOK in Atlanta. “From there, we developed personas and assigned percentages on how often employees were in the office. Much of our work included macro-scale programming to right-size their square footage and make it more effective.”

The building’s 22 levels of office spaces feature flexible “home floors,” each with a mix of scales and three primary settings to provide the power of choice and support collaborative, focused and virtual work. Loosely unassigned spaces allow real estate to be reallocated to nontraditional work points and shared amenities, maximizing access to the most in-demand space types.

“One of the most notable aspects of the design is the variety on each floor. Even a single destination can robustly manage diverse personal and professional needs,” said Graham. “From phone and meeting rooms to break areas, we’ve carved out opportunities that meet employees where they are—creating a responsive, people-first environment that reflects the spirit of their work.”

The interior design elevates the experience for Mutual of Omaha’s people and visitors. A 17th-story Sky Lobby anchors the building’s circulation with security and a concierge desk and living room to welcome guests. Six levels of amenities feature a fitness center, green spaces, lounges and a variety of refreshment opportunities. Articulating Mutual of Omaha’s values of health and well-being, the building offers a comprehensive suite of wellness amenities and interventions.

The headquarters will also reinforce Mutual of Omaha’s connection to customers and its namesake city. An immersive first-floor experience center showcases the brand’s history and philanthropic work. The Beacon—a double-volume space with a boardroom, lounge, bar and catering—crowns the building, offering expansive views of the skyline.

When it opens in 2026, Mutual of Omaha’s new headquarters is poised to become a symbol of the company’s commitment to staff, customers and the surrounding city, reflecting its ability to lead the industry and embrace the future of work.

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