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Bill Hellmuth and Patrick MacLeamy Reflect on HOK’s History in U.S. Modernist Radio Podcast

George Smart, founder of U.S. Modernist, interviews current chairman and CEO Bill Hellmuth (left) and past chairman and CEO Patrick MacLeamy about HOK’s history and key milestones.

Over the course of the 50-minute interview, Hellmuth and MacLeamy reflect on the origins of HOK. They describe the unusual path that led founding partner Gyo Obata to St. Louis, the Priory Chapel at Saint Louis Abbey (below) that was the firm’s “breakout project,” the innovative plan for the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) campus project in Saudi Arabia, HOK’s early adoption of building information modeling (BIM), LaGuardia Airport’s new Terminal B, the Boeing Leadership Center in St. Louis and more.

Listen to the complete interview on the U.S. Modernist Radio podcast.

Related: Wiley recently published MacLeamy’s new book, “Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm: The People, Stories and Strategies Behind HOK.” The HOK chairman emeritus’ book “tells the history of one of the largest design firms in the world and draws lessons from it that can help other architects, interior designers, urban planners and creative services professionals grow bigger or better.”

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