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HOK’s Science + Technology Group: Why They Do What They Do

Now more than ever, the people who make up HOK’s Science + Technology group are proud of their work collaborating with research teams across the world to create spaces that help advance scientific discovery and improve human health.

We asked two dozen of HOK’s Science + Technology group members to talk about what inspires them to do what they do every day, i.e., “What is your why?” Check out the videos here.

Among the responses:

“I’ve always been a big believer in the power of science and technology to be the most benefit to humanity. That’s more true today than in any other time in human history. These are places where humanity’s biggest problems are being solved.”

“A few years ago when there was the Ebola virus outbreak, I heard on the news about the different therapies and vaccines that had been developed. The report mentioned the name of one of the researchers who had come up with one of these products. I remembered one of my first jobs was designing a lab for that researcher and that’s where this person was still working.”

“I enjoy creating spaces where people either learn the tools they need to change the world or, in fact, change the world. I’ve found that I’m as much a part of the scientific research industry as I am the design industry. My design abilities are the tools I contribute to that.”

“I enjoy working with such magnificent clients across the gamut of sciences and knowing what we as architects and planners can do to make a difference to future students, doctors and scientists. We’re lucky to be able to impact the future of humanity in a small way.’

“My passion for science and technology is derived from working directly with scientists who are working to solve some of the major challenges that we have as a human race. Having the opportunity to design space that enables the next breakthrough or cure brings great joy to me.”

HOK’s Science + Technology Group: What’s Our Why?

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