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HOK’s Planning Practice Contributes to New York Times Piece on Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles Commerce and Culture Vignette
Autonomous Vehicles Garage Conversion
A parking structure adapted for reuse as an office

Allison Arieff, a contributing architecture and design writer for The New York Times, addresses the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on our cities in a new illustrated op-ed developed with input from HOK’s planning practice.

The interactive piece explores the promises and pitfalls of autonomous vehicles. Brian Jencek, HOK’s director of planning, shared the firm’s research on the impact of autonomous vehicles, including studies on the future of city streets, with The New York Times. With illustrations by Olalekan Jeyifous, Arieff explores the evolution of streets and the importance of designing our cities for people, not vehicles.

“The future of our streets touches the rich and poor. We need to start a bigger dialogue about what our streets can become,” said Jencek in a recent Curbed article.

HOK’s research on autonomous vehicles includes explorations of the future of streets through human-centered design and studies on the repurposing of existing parking garages and surface lots in the urban core.


The New York Times

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