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Experience Design: Storytelling Environments


We work with enterprises to make their visions tangible and ensure that they are communicated and made actionable in ways that enable others to buy into and “believe-into” them.

Enterprise belief systems have reached the tipping point in which they now outweigh an organization’s historical accomplishments and longevity. Shared beliefs allow people to feel communal, familial and collegial — like part of a tribe — filling gaps in the 21st-century version of community.

We are transforming beliefs into words, images and symbols, allowing the “values radar” of our fellow humans to pick up the blips they want to hear. Remotely, this is done experientially with two-dimensional media and three-dimensional products or artifacts. In person, this is accomplished through the physical experience of three-dimensional space. It requires an extension of architecture into storytelling and experience design, with the facility acting as the graphical user interface.

In primitive times, finding a group of like-minded humans to join a tribe, build a community and develop tools was a survival technique. Finding people who believe what we believe is built into our survival DNA.

Beliefs must be clearly, consistently and continually positioned and published so the connection between the human collective and inanimate corporation can take place. This emotion-to-enterprise connection requires a strategy.

We provide this placemaking. We continue the publishing and promotion of belief systems into three dimensions, adapting facilities to act as media vehicles. This is our offering: 3-D scripting of storytelling environments, with a feng shui for information, paired with a visual haiku of imagery.

The evolution of workplace continues and is approaching the equivalent of branded stage sets designed for the theater of commerce.

Now playing: Rich displays of managed media content pumped over private networks and distributed as part of a strategy tied to just-in-time communications regarding metrics, milestones and markets. And now playing back: Comments and ratings, edits and editorials, rants and dislikes. Everyone can connect-in and leave their thumbprints on every message. This electronic ecosystem allows anyone to be reporter, monitor, critic, pundit, publisher, content creator or content augmenter. Messaging master plans will strive to counter media overload, information anxiety and attention deficit. Currency, relevancy and authenticity will become the magnetism – the pull within your messages.

In addition to the messages, these attributes will be required of environments. Placemaking will include spaces designed for commenting, posting, liking, sharing and forwarding. The dimensional space must join in the dialogue. It will need to interact, react, tally and exchange with those experiencing the architecture. Some environments may morph to a more optimal storyline, based on collected social commentary. The overarching goal for place will be a timely relevance.

Successful enterprise design creates environments that provide occupants the support they need to be the people their organizational culture has taught them to respect and emulate. This is architecture activated by and reflective of belief systems.


Hal KantnerFor more information, contact:
Hal Kantner
Director of Experience Design