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Mixed-Use Development for Confidential Client


A new mixed-use development pushes an historic suburb toward greater community engagement and gives it a sense of place. The active residential and shopping district injects new life into a previously underutilized stretch of parking lots and isolated buildings, bringing the vibrancy of a city to the suburbs.

The design team carefully sited the building forms to enhance the street edge and create space for internal and external courtyards. The forms both line and bend away from the street to address pedestrian scale and proportion while adding valuable street frontage and roof plazas for tenants. The overlapping functions of ground-level retail and exterior landscaped spaces add vitality and reinforce neighborhood connectivity.

Cladding the building with two distinct facades creates a fresh, contemporary look that complements the historic context of the nearby business district dating back to the early 1900s.

The exterior features historically relevant warm brick and glass storefronts, while interior plazas offer a contemporary aesthetic with brushed metal and glass.

The site carefully considers paths of travel, creating easy vehicular circulation to accommodate an anchor tenant, pedestrian routes and a dedicated parking garage that blends seamlessly into adjacent residential buildings.

270,000 sq. ft. / 25,085 sq. m.
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