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HOK’s Bill Bouchey Discusses How Technology Will Impact the Future Workplace

Bill Bouchey HOK

Bill Bouchey, director of interior design for HOK’s New York studio, participated in a Canon U.S.A panel discussion about the office of the future.

Excerpted from Newsday:

Artificial intelligence will change workplaces, transforming how people work, according to a panel of design and business experts. The fast-evolving technology could mean pink slips for workers with routine responsibilities—but not for all workers, the experts said.

AI, in the form of robots, virtual assistants and intuitive office machines, will take over repetitive tasks now performed by office staff. This will give them additional time for more important duties.

The panelists agreed that more technology will change offices, but not lead to their demise.

“There’s always going to be a place where people are going to want to come together, need to come together,” said Bill Bouchey, a principal at HOK in New York. However, the office of the future will probably be smaller and be adapted to cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices, he said.

Bouchey also predicted that some big companies will jettison their one-size-fits-all headquarters in favor of smaller, regional offices. He said, “You’re going to want your workforce to be able to choose different settings to go to, depending on what they are doing” on a given day.

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