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A Neighborhood Plan

J. Walter Thompson New York Headquarters
New York, New York, USA

J. Walter Thompson wanted to use its New York office to promote the company’s global reach and create an environment that would inspire its people and clients.

The new workplace also needed to support more collaborative, agile work processes.

With unassigned and open office seating for most, the neighborhood planning concept offers a sense of community. The flexible layout and furniture systems enable account groups and creative teams to easily reconfigure their space. Several types of space support the different work settings preferred by the multigenerational workforce.

The office includes innovation labs where JWT’s people can develop and test content. Upgraded studios and editing suites, including a photo studio and a digital library, support content generation.

Employees can use focus booths for heads-down, concentrative work. “Dream rooms” for team meetings feature whiteboards, pin-up space and touchscreen technology to support low- and high-tech collaboration.

The design creates connection points throughout the space for informal meetings. Formal meeting spaces were outfitted with easy-to-use, touchscreen technology and strategically located to promote movement within the workplace. Amenities and pantries were placed to encourage spontaneous interaction.

A change management program supported the staff’s transition to more mobile, unassigned environments. HOK engaged the leadership group to encourage a change in behavior and developed an etiquette campaign that applied a humorous approach on how to properly use the space.


110,000 sq. ft. / 10.220 sq. m.


Change Management
Interior Design