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A Global Workplace Strategy
for Hatch

Hatch Offices
Locations Across North America

Hatch, a global engineering firm, needed more flexible, collaborative work environments that would improve its people’s productivity.

Collaborating with Steelcase, HOK’s team conducted employee surveys, leadership interviews, user workshops and building analyses. The team then developed workplace standards and strategies for Hatch offices worldwide.

The standards expanded Hatch’s meeting and lounge space from 4 percent to 26 percent while decreasing office and cubicle space dedicated to individuals from 93 percent to 70 percent.

Key spaces defined in HOK’s workplace standards for Hatch include:

  • A media café that houses stimulating, highly interactive, high-tech space for real-time and virtual communication.
  • Transitional rendezvous spaces for planned and unplanned encounters.
  • Safe havens that provide enclosed private spaces for small- to medium-sized groups.
  • Technology-enhanced smart rooms where users capture, display, store and retrieve project information.
  • Project neighborhoods that encourage collaborative brainstorming, idea generation and content creation. 

HOK has helped roll out the new workplace standards in a pilot project in a suburb of Toronto as well as offices in Montreal; Amherst, Nova Scotia; Niagara Falls, Ontario; Phoenix and Tampa.


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