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How Can SMART Working Help a Company Save Money?

GlaxoSmithKline Research Triangle Park Consolidation
and Workplace Guidelines

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

By decreasing the size of its real estate portfolio, GlaxoSmithKline will save millions of dollars per year in operational costs.

Its people also are excited about the new workplace guidelines, which creates a place where they can collaborate more effectively.

GSK initiated this transformation when it learned that 85 percent of the workplace environments in its portfolio were serving only 35 percent of its documented work activity.

The pharmaceutical company’s new office environment – SMART Working – facilitates interaction, integration and teams working to better support its values. The new environment is an open plan, with standard desk space for all staff members.

HOK led the programming and portfolio consolidation processes at Research Triangle Park in Durham, adapting GSK’s UK program to its US facilities.

The SMART Working program, combined with consolidation planning, helped GSK plan the relocation of 1,500 administrative and 300 laboratory staff, allowing the company to close buildings across three campuses and end two major leases. These actions will eliminate 1.37 million square feet of owned and leased structures, reduce GSK’s carbon footprint by 38 percent and significantly reduce annual operating costs. 


Workplace Guidelines

1.37 million

GSK’s reduction, in square feet, of owned and leased structures


Reduction in GSK’s carbon footprint