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A Wellness-Based Workplace

Confidential Pharmaceutical Company Headquarters
Ontario, Canada

This company wanted to redesign its headquarters to support its efforts to enhance employee health.

Our team used the WELL Building Standard’s core concepts—air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind—as a guide for designing spaces that advance the well-being of occupants. By engaging people’s senses through color, touch and smell, the design invites them to interact with the workplace and each other.

Visitors and staff enter the renovated office through a café and hospitality-inspired lounge area. From here they enjoy clear views of the outdoor environment and connections to daylight and nutritious food choices.

The flexible, open-plan design encourages people to move around during the day. Along with 100 percent sit-stand workstations, the new workplace settings include idea rooms with casual furniture as well as whiteboards and media on walls; war rooms reserved for longer projects; private phone rooms with regular-height and standing desks; lounge rooms that have a comfortable, residential feel; silent, tech-free libraries for mental breaks; huddle rooms for quick team meetings; booths supporting heads down or group work; and harvest tables built from rough-cut walnut lumber.

Natural materials such as wood and stone evoke feelings of rejuvenation, while large windows create synergies with the sky outside. Fireplaces and cozy libraries offer places for respite.

A new color palette introduces biophilic elements including natural river rock carpet and patterned tiles and fabric swatches inspired by the surrounding landscape. A lunchroom patio provides direct access to the outdoors.

Light has a significant effect on our mental and physical well-being. Using different light temperatures supports a wide range of activities across the workplace. Warm lighting in intimate settings and cafés creates a feeling of relaxation. Mid-range light temperatures in conference rooms are welcoming yet cool enough to promote alertness. Cool light temperatures in brainstorming rooms boost attentiveness and productivity while inhibiting fatigue. Motion sensors activate full lighting only when daylight levels are low and spaces are occupied.

Strategic use of materials and plants supports healthy indoor air. The design team selected plants that improve air quality and stabilize humidity levels. Staff can use the live plants for horticultural therapy.

Sound masking, headsets and baffles in enclosed rooms improve acoustics throughout the office.


33,000 sq. ft. / 3,065 sq. m.


Facility Programming
Interior Design


CoreNet Global Canada REmmy Award – Workplace 10,000 - 50,000 SF




Reduction in lighting power density 


Reduction in building water use


Recycled materials used in construction


Old furniture diverted from landfills