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Protecting the Public's Health
in New Jersey

New Jersey Public Health, Environmental and Agricultural Laboratory
West Trenton, New Jersey, USA

“I believe [HOK] has done a great job in capturing what we wanted to be included in the laboratory design, brought many innovative improvements that will make this a tremendous state-of-the-art laboratory facility, and overall, designed a facility that will be of tremendous value to the state for many years to come.”

Steve W. Jenniss
Former Director, Environmental and Chemical Laboratory Services, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

This laboratory building houses several public health, agriculture and environmental agencies that monitor and protect public health in the state of New Jersey.

It includes new laboratories, offices, conference areas and animal facilities for the New Jersey Department of Public Health and Department of Agriculture. The program includes a new bioterrorism lab, new epidemiology, microbiology, environmental chemistry, animal necropsy and analytical labs to support public health surveillance, monitoring and screening.

The building plays a key role in the state’s response plan. In addition to more than 15,000 square feet of BSL-3 labs for clinical and bioterrorism response, the facility includes chemical terrorism labs to screen clinical and environmental samples for rapid detection.

Through extensive laboratory planning, lab designers saved more than 3,000 square feet by consolidating a chain of custody and repository freezers into one high-density system.

The sustainable lab design strategies include recycled materials, low-VOC construction materials, occupancy sensors for lights and fume hood control, and variable air volume hood controls. Outside, carefully positioned photovoltaic cells maximize solar energy use while blending into the architectural detail of the roof and facade.


200,000 sq. ft. / 18,500 sq. m.


Construction Administration
Laboratory Planning