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Emergency Operations in an Earthquake-Proof Building

Los Angeles Emergency Operations Center
Los Angeles, California, USA

“The best EOC of any city in the United States.”

Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor, City of Los Angeles

LA’s Emergency Operations Center is one of the most earthquake-resistant buildings in the city of Los Angeles.

The design consolidates the city’s emergency preparedness department, police department and fire department into one secure facility. From this high-tech command center in downtown Los Angeles, officials can coordinate the city’s response to major disasters, terrorism and large public events.

The Los Angeles EOC is designed to withstand a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. To maintain its structural integrity after a large-magnitude earthquake, the building is base-isolated and uses friction pendulum technology that enables it to move with seismic disturbances. Power, gas and water supplies all have flexible connections that accommodate ground motion.

The facility’s blast-resistant, high-performance metal and stone surfaces complement neighboring civic developments.

The project achieved LEED Silver certification. Rather than bringing in air from ceiling vents at 55 degrees, underfloor cooling systems draw in air from the floor at approximately 62 degrees, cooling the space more efficiently. The floor was raised 16 inches to accommodate the underfloor air technology, as well as the extensive cabling required for emergency operations.



LEED-NC Silver


82,000 sq. ft. / 7,600 sq. m.