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A Courthouse and ‘Nearly Invisible’ Jail in Georgia

Forsyth County Justice Center
Forsyth, Georgia, USA

The design creates a five-story courthouse and adjacent jail that are flexible for expansion.

Designed to accommodate a future court build-out, the building’s entry level requires a high level of public access to the second floor, which contains the jury assembly and court offices. The courts comprise the upper levels, with the top story dedicated to the Superior Court. One larger courtroom on each level will be able to host higher-profile cases.

For security reasons, the design allows members of the public, judges, staff, jury and detainees to enter and exit courtrooms independently without crossing paths.

Located adjacent to the courthouse, the jail is connected by a secure underground tunnel. To present a positive appearance to the community, the public and staff entry faces the town green while the jail lines the building perimeter. Acting as a backdrop to the courthouse, the nearly imperceptible jail will hold more than 600 inmates and contain a maximum-security level.



Courthouse: 160,000 sq.ft. / 14,900 sq.m.
Jail: 175,000 sq.ft. / 16,300 sq.m.


Master Planning


23 January 2013
“Plans Move Ahead in Georgia for Jail and Courthouse Project”
Correctional News