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Two Types of Classic

Chongqing City Hills Golf Villas
Chongqing, China

The villas in Chongqing’s first international golf club convey two design aesthetics: classic traditional and classic contemporary.

Based on a “calligraphy” design approach, Villa B has a traditional feel. Inspired by the architecture of the house, the interior design is based on a traditional French-Italian vocabulary. The light, bright color palette features white with gold and black accents.

The concept of calligraphy shows strength in the interior through dark accents such as the black ink. It also shows a softness through the hand of the calligrapher. This concept defined the contours and shapes of the interior space. A contrasting warm, vibrant color palette of reds, oranges and golds add visual interest and depth.

Inspired by a contemporary “jewel box” design approach and the architecture of the house, the interior design of Villa D draws on a historical Gothic-Tudor vocabulary. The subdued color palette features moody, dark colors with jewel accents.

The team based the jewel box concept on the idea of a dark, sumptuous interior that holds beautiful jeweled pieces. This concept is characterized by the plush envelope of the interior walls, which showcase the rich furniture, lighting and accent pieces. A pearl color communicates luxury and adds elegance and opalescence to the dramatic interiors.


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