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Distinctly Different
But in Harmony

Museum of Fine Arts Hazel Hough Wing
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

“An architectural masterpiece … It may only be a building, but it magnifies the moment.”

The Tampa Tribune

This addition to the Museum of Fine Arts doubles the size of the museum while providing a design that blends into the old building.

The new addition is distinctively different but in harmony with the existing museum.

The transition between the original classically-inspired building is a soaring conservatory with a glass roof and spacious windows facing the Bay. From this 30-foot-high, cathedral-like space, visitors move into the formal two-story wing, which includes galleries, classrooms, meeting areas and an art library.

The “crystal,” natural light-filled conservatory opens up the new wing to the bay, with the shell-encrusted concrete walls and marble floor complementing the beauty of the coastal waterfront site.

The gallery space is purposefully understated.

“In a museum, I want to feel I’m in a space where it’s special, but in the galleries, I want art to dominate,” HOK designer Yann Weymouth said in a Tampa Tribune article. “We wanted to make the design invisible against the art.”


39,000 sq. ft. / 3,625 sq. m.




Building of America Network – Building of America Award


20 April 2012
“St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts Ranks Third in Martha Stewart’s Top Wedding Spots”
Tampa Bay Times