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Autodesk Uses San Francisco Renovation to Reduce Environmental Impact

Autodesk One Market Fourth Floor
San Francisco, California, USA

“The new Landmark Tower office meets our sustainability goals and illustrates our dedication to reducing the company’s carbon footprint.”

Joe Chen
Vice President of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Autodesk

HOK designed the expansion of Autodesk’s existing office on the fourth floor of the historic Landmark Tower in downtown San Francisco.

HOK used Autodesk software to help create an attractive space that encourages collaboration and productivity. The office has achieved LEED for Commercial Interiors Platinum certification.

Because the landlord permitted only minor modifications to the building’s shell and core systems, the design team created strategies to minimize demolition and maximize the reuse of existing building components.

The team reused several large conference tables made from reclaimed wood, as well as acoustical ceiling clouds and lights. Existing cherry doors and timber posts were repurposed for the new design.

Respecting a request to keep in place most of the MEP systems, the design team incorporated sustainable strategies including adding occupancy sensors and lighting controls, replacing an older air conditioning unit with a more efficient model and installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures throughout the space, including in the landlord’s shell-and-core restrooms.

Creating universal spaces for private offices and meeting rooms gives Autodesk flexibility to accommodate changes in how its people use the workplace over time. The new furnishings and a workflow layout encourage interaction.

Revit and BIM helped the team maximize views to the outdoors and to meet and document all of the project’s sustainability goals.


LEED-CI Platinum


23,000 sq. ft. / 2,135 sq. m.


Interior Design


Amount of Energy Star-certified equipment and appliances


Reduction in water use over comparable systems


Amount of furnishings and furniture that are salvaged, refurbished or reused


Reduction of lighting load compared to ASHRAE standards