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Capital One National Enterprise Space and Occupancy Planning

Capital One National Enterprise Space and Occupancy Planning    |   View Project

American Red Cross<br>Process and Workplace Program Development and Implementation

American Red Cross
Process and Workplace Program Development and Implementation   |   View Project

Confidential Financial Services Company<br>Occupancy Planning and Data Management

Confidential Financial Services Company
Occupancy Planning and Data Management   |   View Project

Microsoft Mobile<br>On-Site Occupancy Planning and Data Management

Microsoft Mobile
On-Site Occupancy Planning and Data Management   |   View Project

Kraft Foods<br>Integrated Workplace Management System

Kraft Foods
Integrated Workplace Management System   |   View Project

We help corporate real estate organizations optimize their portfolios and implement ongoing workplace projects.

HOK’s space management teams, which often are embedded within our clients’ organizations and working on their sites, help our clients manage their occupancy requirements to align with their business needs.

We take an integrated approach to real estate portfolio strategy, project space planning and data management. This proactive space management increases real estate efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

Our teams implement, optimize and manage industry-leading integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) that equip clients with accurate space and occupancy data for forecasting and decision support.

William Mitchell

William Mitchell

Business Opportunities - Space Management
+1 613 683 1802

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Data Management
Occupancy Planning
Technology Management


Total number of spaces currently managed

60 million

Amount of space, in square feet, managed for clients by on-site services team

4.2 / 5

Average customer satisfaction score for HOK’s Space Management group in a recent client survey


Number of employees in space managed by HOK’s Space Management team


Total number of spaces managed by HOK’s space management team with an IWMS tool developed for a financial services company


New acquisition drawings  systematically integrated into IWMS tool for a financial services client in 25 weeks


Reduction in the on-site services team supporting a global technology company through outsourcing to HOK


Level of space and occupancy data accuracy provided for a global technology company

4 to 1

Consolidated four regions with two different databases into one global IWMS system


Drawings uploaded as part of the global implementation of a single IWMS system


Number of as-built drawings currently managed


Portfolio reduction planned and executed in 24 months by a global technology company

29 million

Square footage data merged into a single IWMS system for Nokia