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A World Class Travel Experience on Taihu Lake

Suzhou Wujiang East Taihu Lake Golden Bay Tourism Complex
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

This landmark tourist destination on Taihu Lake, the largest lake in eastern China, will introduce ecotourism to China’s emerging international and domestic tourism sector.

Taihu Lake is the primary element that organizes all of the development parcels. The north shoreline is urban and supports many activities, while the south shoreline is natural and private, providing more tranquility.

A harbor area to the north and west includes a marina, yacht club hotel and tourist center. The eastern hill area features a water sports park, dry ski slope and visitor center, while the southern delta area incorporates a family hotel and corporate club. All building forms embrace organic shapes to reflect the ebb and flow of the natural environment.

By enhancing the lake’s pristine natural environment, the design creates a destination that is commercially viable and ecologically sustainable.

Like a delicately woven fabric, landscaping and new architectural forms trace the Taihu waterfront with an interconnected sequence of public spaces that provide visitors with memorable experiences of exploration and discovery. 

A prominent north-south circulation route creates pedestrian paths running parallel to the buildings and along the project’s street frontage. Zoning guidelines maximize the building massing along the setback lines. Pedestrian paths divide the built area from the natural softscape.

By leveraging the tidal changes and ecotones of Taihu Lake, the design helps restore wetland areas, protect bird and fish habitats, and improve the lake’s water quality. Proposed biological and natural systems will be supplemented by additional mechanical filtering systems.

The project is the first phase of a larger tourism-oriented plan encompassing more than 7.7 square miles along the shores of Taihu Lake.


2.7 million sq. ft. / 252,000 sq. m.
222 acres / 90 hectares


Landscape Architecture 
Master Planning





13 May 2014
“The Drawing Board: Golden Harbor”