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A Transit-Friendly Federal Campus in Ottawa

Tunney’s Pasture Master Plan
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The plan identifies how future development could transform this area into a leading-edge employment center based on mixed-use and transit-friendly principles.”

The Canadian Institute of Planners

HOK provided a long-term plan to update and improve public transit options for Tunney’s Pasture, a campus that accommodates 10,000 federal employees.

The 49-hectare site contains 19 buildings housing various federal departments, including Health Canada, Stats Canada, National Defense, and Library & Archives Canada.
In collaboration with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), as well as key site and community stakeholders, HOK prepared guiding principles for a master plan to redevelop the site. The plan provides a flexible framework that will help guide PWGSC’s decision-making in their development of the site over the next 25 years.

The plan accommodates a projected increase in density through the creation of an improved network of complete streets and open spaces; the provision of a variety of transit-oriented uses and building types; and other sustainable development strategies.

Working in conjunction with the city’s transit vision, the plan aims to reduce auto traffic and increase ridership through a transit-oriented development. Connecting green spaces, pathways and parks will encourage pedestrian behavior.

The design optimizes heritage assets to create a vibrant, connected and inclusive campus that integrates with surrounding residential areas. As the country’s first federally-driven mixed-use project, Tunney’s Pasture will become a benchmark that will help urban planners and designers refine strategies for sustainable development, transit-oriented growth and innovation districts. 


121 acres / 49 hectares


Landscape Architecture
Urban Design


Real Property Institute of Canada – Award for Best Practices, Comprehensive Planning

Ontario Professional Planners Institute – Excellence in Planning Award

Canadian Institute of Planners – Merit Award for Planning Excellence, Urban Design


8 June 2015
“Master Plan for Tunney’s Pasture Wins Urban Design Award From the Canadian Institute of Planners
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