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A Landscape for Respite in a Mystical City

Alibaba Hangzhou Headquarters Landscape
Hangzhou, China

The landscape plan for Alibaba Group’s new corporate campus aligns the Internet company’s contemporary vision and culture with the historic significance of its surroundings.

The campus is located a few miles from West Lake, the spiritual heart of Hangzhou, one of China’s cultural and artistic centers. Embraced on three sides by lush green mountains, West Lake has been subtly sculpted over the centuries by several generations of artists. Each layer contributes a fresh perspective to the landscape that gives Hangzhou its iconic character.

The design is infused with the landscape qualities of Hangzhou and the culture of Alibaba, serving as a stage for both the global brand and its staff. The landscape plan balances the functional needs of the modern corporate campus against those of a youthful workforce charged with fostering creative ideas for a dynamic global company.

A large, central green space evokes the scale and character of West Lake. The twisting building form provides a constantly shifting sequence of mountain-like exposed and sheltered spaces. The careful integration of local plant species defines the spaces and creates seasonal and spatial experiences that encourage employee interaction. These spaces foster the communication and cross-collaboration upon which Alibaba has built its reputation.

Designers and decision-makers shared open communication throughout the process, giving HOK’s design team a deep understanding of Alibaba’s needs. The collaborative process shines through in the campus landscape.


17.9 acres / 7.2 hectares


Landscape Architecture