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Transforming Carnival’s Culture

Carnival UK Headquarters
London, UK

Carnival House unites Carnival UK’s five leading cruise brands into a single headquarters building.

Five cruise brands previously working in five separate buildings have been able to unify their thinking by coming together under one roof and brand umbrella. This new workplace environment encourages cross-pollination of ideas among Carnival’s teams while creating operational efficiencies through shared services and amenities.

Southampton is the home port for most of the company’s vessels, and the headquarters is near the terminal and docks used by Carnival’s ships. Since there is no standard or prototypical headquarters solution for a cruise ship company, the design team got “under the skin” of the entire Carnival organization to discover what the company really needed.

The design of Carnival House has transformed an organization that historically operated with an “on-ship,” hierarchical culture into a warmer, more egalitarian organization with more integrated work processes.

A full-height atrium links each floor physically and visually. In addition to offices, the building includes a 22-room conference and training center, call center, restaurant and staff catering facility. Special emergency rooms, including duplicates of a ship’s bridge, help Carnival officials coordinate crises at sea.


BREEAM Very Good


140,000 sq. ft. / 13,000 sq. m.


Facility Programming
Interior Design



Number of workstations in Carnival UK’s headquarters


21 October 2010
“Carnival UK”
World Architecture News