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For Agnès b., It’s Fashion

Agnès b. Asia Headquarters
Hong Kong

The design for Agnès b.’s Hong Kong headquarters captures the French brand’s distinctive aesthetic: natural, simple and energized by the trends that shape design.

The space departs from typical office design by also serving as an art gallery displaying collections of fine photography that change with the fashion seasons.

The design concept comes from an understanding of Agnès b., a French fashion designer known for a brand focusing on fashion and film. The internationally recognized brand has branched out into restaurants and cafes, art galleries, chocolatiers, florists and fine household merchandise. This vision is expressed as much through art and philanthropy as it is through simple yet original fashion design.

To reflect this ethos, HOK’s design brings together six central themes: French culture and identity, fashion, film, lifestyle, art and philanthropy, and simplicity and originality.

Wood floors provide warmth and balance to the cool color palette. Large windows and moving glass partitions enable employees to enjoy the natural daylight that is vital to the creative process.

The office layout is straightforward and efficient. Private offices are located on the core side to optimize daylight and views, with a central corridor linking departments. Use of cabinets to divide departments provides flexibility for future changes while creating an open studio environment.


17,500 sq. ft. / 1,600 sq. m.


Interior Design
Project Management