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28 December 2018

HOK Justice Leaders Explain the Design and Construction Process for County Facilities

Linda Bernauer, senior project manager, and Curt Parde, regional leader of HOK’s Justice group, coauthored a guest column in Texas County Progress that describes the design and construction process for county justice facilities.

The two-part series explores the ins and outs of justice facility design and construction, including evaluating the need for expansion and the details of the design and construction process.

Excerpted from Texas County Progress:

Prior to starting the design process, it is important to determine the construction delivery method. This decision defines the structure of the relationships of the parties, their roles and responsibility, and the general sequence of activities required to deliver the project. These include:

  • Design Build
  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Construction Manager at Risk

County leaders and their purchasing departments generally work with the architect—iand sometimes a separate program manager—to determine the best delivery method. Variables that can impact this decision include schedule, funding, degree of public support, and how much assistance the county needs to manage the project through construction.

There are typically five phases for an approved, funded project:

  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Construction documents
  • Bidding
  • Construction administration

Each phase generates deliverables that the county reviews and approves before the project moves forward.

Most projects being with a kick-off meeting to review information and any new input from the county, establish the design schedule (especially required workshops and departmental meetings), and review the project budget. In addition to the architect, there will be civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers; security consultants; interior designers; and potentially other specialty consultants. It’s important for all team members to understand the scope and impact on the overall budget.

During construction, it’s critical that the entire team works together for the owner’s benefit. Unforeseen conditions can arise during construction. Resolving these unexpected circumstances can require additional drawings or costs. No matter the delivery process, the county will have a better chance for success if you have established a trusting relationship among all three partners.

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