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2 July 2018

HOK Speaking Events: July 2018

HOK’s thought leaders give presentations and participate in panel discussions all over the world.

10 July 2018

Julia Monk, director of Hospitality, will lead “Find, Create, Operate: The Hotel Project Development Lifecycle” as part of the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Executive Education and International Program in Boston.

Global tourism is a $2 trillion industry that has experienced steady growth over the past five years. Aimed at helping developers and architects who want to enter this large and growing market, this program will help participants understand the unique process of developing different kinds of hotels in different regions around the world.

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16 July 2018

Nate Appleman will present “Future of Campus Facilities: Marrying Academics, Athletics and Student Life” at the SCUP 2018 Conference in Nashville.

University administrators overseeing facility development on campuses must find ways to balance the needs of educational offerings with the revenue that collegiate athletics generate. New campus projects are marrying academics, athletics, recreation and student life. These hybrid building types are changing the way projects are managed, financed and programmed. By examining the University of Notre Dame’s Campus Crossroads project, this session will address collaboration opportunities that elevate collective campus facility needs.

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16 July 2018

Francesca Meola, senior project engineer, and Matt Breidenthal, regional leader of engineering, will present “Integrated Design and Parametric Modeling: The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Project” at IASS 2018: Creativity in Structural Design in Boston.

The panel will explore the integrated design and parametric modeling behind the canopies at Hartsfield-Jackson.

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17 July 2018

Francesca Meola, senior project engineer, and Matt Breidenthal, regional leader of engineering, will present “Using Parametric Modeling to Rapidly Deliver the Support Structure for the Largest Video Score Board in the United States” at IASS 2018: Creativity in Structural Design in Boston.

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19 July 2018

Jared Parker, structural engineer, will present “Ground Structure Based Discrete Topology Optimization Including Flexural Elements via MATLAB” at IASS 2018: Creativity in Structural Design in Boston.

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19 July 2018

Gus Drosos, technical principal, and Travis Bailey, senior project architect, will offer opening remarks to kick off the Architect’s Newspaper Facades Plus conference in Kansas City.

The program includes three sessions covering issues unique to the region, including innovative building skins, high performance facades, and the future face of KC.

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20 July 2018

Matt Needham, regional leader of Aviation + Transportation based in HOK’s San Francisco office, will participate in the Aerial Futures: Constructed Landscapes think tank in Denver.

Participants will explore the ways in which the land adjacent to airports is fertile ground for experimentation in urban design and transportation, with innovations in mobility allowing for new interfaces between air and land. Case studies will examine the ways that disruptive technologies are transforming greenfields into connected, integrated airfield communities.

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24 July 2018

Anne Fletcher, managing principal for HOK’s Los Angeles office, will participate in “Innovative Opportunities for Success-Driven Operations” at the P3 Airport Summit in San Diego.

Tired from use and exceeding design capacity, New York City airports also have grown tired of references to third world airports. Gateway and destination airports LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airport are poised for the next generation transformation. Enabled by accelerated project delivery methods, LGA and JFK have joined a host of facilities primed for design upgrades and structural renewal.

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30 July 2018

Anica Landreneau, director of sustainable design, will participate in a panel discussion about “DC Green and Energy Codes” in Washington, D.C., at 6:30 pm

The city’s new regulations for Green Building and Energy Performance will have a profound impact on the built environment and the construction industry. During this event, members of DCRA and DOEE will engage in discussion with members of the design community to review current green and energy codes. Next, members of the Green and Energy Code development committee will highlight imminent changes in the Codes and discuss how the industry can best adapt and succeed in their implementation.

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